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Window Fashions Frequently Asked Questions...

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Who is the typical client of Beyond Drapery Limited?

We happily serve homeowners, decorators or commercial clients. Our projects, large and small, include all budgets; simple and complex; indoor or outdoor; modern, contemporary or traditional creations.

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What options do I have for covering my windows?

You have 4 options for covering and decorating your windows.

  1. Leave your windows bare – not an option if you want that ‘finished look'.
  2. Use a home-made or seamstress-made option is a budget conscious one for a skilled crafter. But treatments are not made to conform to quality standards; quality linings and other professional materials and supplies are not used; imaginative solutions for challenging windows are unavailable; and appropriate
    hardware and installation services are not available.
  3. Ready-made window treatments are immediate, off-the –shelf products with limited options. The treatments are not made specifically for your windows. So fit is often a problem. It also suffers from all the potential quality problems of the home-made solution.
  4. In selecting the custom-made option from Beyond Drapery Limited you would have chosen a one-stop end-to-end solution. Your window fashions are designed, fabricated and installed by professional window treatment specialists and artisans according to international custom standard. We can also assist with maintenance and cleaning. You are guaranteed options for couture details and hardware that best suits your situation. We make easy, imaginative designs and installation for bay windows, arch windows, two-story windows, transoms, and other challenging windows. Our process also makes it easy for you to make decisions and takes your budget, décor and functional requirements into consideration.

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Why choose custom window fashions?


A wise investment

The most expensive window treatment is the one you have to keep replacing. There are many reasons why custom is better than ready-mades, but the most important one of them is simply value. Custom window treatments pay for themselves throughout all the years that they gracefully cover your windows.

On average, individuals who purchase custom window treatments keep their custom drapery on their windows for several years more than the store-bought or home-made options. The quality of custom window treatments is better, but going after the look that you really want instead of the look that is available will also keep you happy with your room for many years longer. Many of our clients tell us how relieved they are to finally have unique window treatments specifically designed for their windows.

Full service window fashion and soft furnishing studio

Beyond Drapery Limited takes the uncertainty and risk out of choosing window treatments and soft furnishings. We can guide you every step of the way. We offer personalised onsite or home consultation on window treatment and soft furnishing design. We do detailed measurements and discuss your decorative and functional requirements. We understand the importance of excellent customer service, quality workmanship, and professional business practice. We maintain a professionally equipped workroom with the equipment and tools necessary to produce quality custom home furnishings. From inspiration to installation, we offer you an end-to-end, one-stop service.

Better coordination

We work closely with you to find the perfect fit of design, colour and budget for you space. We also ensure that your treatments are made in good balance and proportion with the rest of the room.

Better quality construction

We fabricate your treatment to the highest custom standards, with options for couture details. We use the American custom standard in our workroom, but have experience with European standards, if that is your preference. Our expert knowledge and creativity assisted by our specialist equipment, methods, technology, and materials guarantees a superior product giving you complete bragging license.

Most of our clients find that the finished product looks far better than the fabulous renderings received with your proposal. Many of the factors that make a custom window treatment so extra special can’t be seen in a rendering. Custom draperies, for example, are lined, making them fuller. Our premium linings actually make the treatment more luxurious looking.

Guaranteed one-of-a-kind

No one else will have a window treatment quite like yours. All treatments are designed with full consultation with you, resulting in unique creations made only for you. After all, it wouldn't be a custom window treatment if it wasn't specifically made to your measurements and other specifications. Anyone will spot custom window fashions as soon as they walk into your room.

Details make the difference

Unique details such as fabric combinations, trim, cording, pleats, and unique couture details are options available to further increase the quality and exclusivity of your window fashions and soft furnishings.

Fit challenging windows

Arches, bay windows, architectural obstructions, transoms, large or tall windows often require creative custom design, fabrication and installation. Let us help you find the perfect solution.


Your creations will be beautiful and superbly made, but they will also address other functional concerns such as privacy, heat insulation, sunlight, etc. This is yet another instance where our expertise can be valuable to you.

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How does BDL work with me? What is the process like?

We see the provision of window treatments as a service. Beyond Drapery Limited is committed to partnering with you. We try to take the guesswork out of the decisions, make the process fun, and in the end install treatments that you have total bragging rights for.

When you establish that you would like to work with us, we administer a telephone or email pre-survey or questionnaire. We may ask you for digital photos of your windows. This helps us understand your requirements so we can prepare for our initial on site consultation.

The onsite consultation takes about 1 – 1 ½ hours. We charge a consultation fee that
is refundable if you choose BDL to fabricate your window treatments. In that time we refine your design and functional requirements and take detailed measurements. We can review your design inspirations and provide some ideas of our own.

Back in the Studio we take all your information and formulate a proposal for your consideration. Your proposal may include up to 2 digital renderings of design options, fabric suggestions, estimated decorator fabric yardage, hardware requirements and estimated cost. BDL retains the rights to the designs and proposal package. State-of–the-art digital renderings and /or hand-drawn sketches of proposed designs on actual photos of your windows take the guesswork out of the process and make your decision painless and risk-free. A proposal complete with fabric options, yardage requirements, functional solutions and design options will be presented for your consideration.

Fabrication of your window treatments and soft furnishings will commence after a deposit of 50% of estimated cost. If decorator fabric costs are included in the estimate, you may be required to make a larger deposit. Delivery time will be based on the date of payment of the deposit. The balance is due on or before installation.

Installation fees are quoted separately and due on installation. An estimate can be provided before, but actual costs will be invoiced on installation. You are required to move all large and breakable objects from the vicinity of the window to accommodate
installation. We will take utmost care to respect your home and leave your premises in good order.

If you prefer, we can clean your treatments periodically or as required. We can also repair damaged rods or treatments. We recommend that you safeguard your investments from pets and children, but we can assist if accidents happen. These services attract additional fees.

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What things should I consider before purchasing fabric?

Often there is this fabric you feel you just must have, either because of the cost or decorative attraction.However, you run the risk that the fabric may not be suitable for the type of treatment desired. For instance, an upholstery weight fabric, though
beautiful, will not make a successful swag-style treatment. Another consideration is how much to buy. If the fabric has a large pattern you would most definitely need more you think. If you find an incredible deal on a fabric, be certain to purchase more than you think you'll need. If there ends up being extra fabric, you can always have accessories made. Accessories such as coordinating table coverings, pillows, and throws really add to the custom look of a room. BDL provides yardage requirements as part of their design proposal.

Before making a fabric purchase, be sure to look at a sample in the room where it will go. Other colours in the room and the lighting will affect how it looks. Also, view your fabric at distance. A small print that looks great up close may look "fuzzy" at a distance. Another consideration is the size of the treatment. For small window treatments, you generally don't want to use a fabric with a large pattern.

Another good idea is to inspect the fabric completely before purchasing. If it is on sale, it may be because it has significant flaws. A skilled workroom can work around some flaws. But generally, you will need significantly more yardage.

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If constructing or renovating a home, when should I contact a window treatment specialist?

Ideally you should involve the workroom in the blueprint stage. Many new homes include beautiful, dramatic windows, but some of these can be challenging and expensive to cover. It can be very useful to know your window treatment design choices and costs beforehand.

If you are deciding between French doors that swing into a room or sliding glass doors, be aware that the French doors may cost more to dress. You will also be more limited in your choices of treatments. Other window types that can be challenging to cover are 2-story, bay, bow, cornice, triangular, and dormer windows.

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How long will it take for me to get my window treatments?

Every order differs and it is difficult to give actual installation times. BDL assesses each case individually and gives you an estimated delivery time. In general, however, delivery is usually possible between 4 to 8 weeks of your down-payment. Rush jobs attract an additional fee.

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Who will install and maintain my treatments?

Beyond Drapery Limited offers you a full service. The actual installation requirements for your treatment are actually considered when we make our design proposals. We can install your creations and we also offer maintenance and cleaning service for the treatments and hardware. We sometimes use sub-contractors, but they operate under the guidance of in-house personnel who are US trained in general and motorised installation and maintenance.

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How should I care for my window treatments?

Beyond Drapery Limited provides specific care instructions for all treatments fabricated for you. However in general, spot cleaning and regular vacuuming are the best way to care for draperies. Dry clean them only if absolutely necessary and the workroom indicates that fabrication methods will accommodate dry cleaning. Dry cleaning can cause shrinkage and will remove some of the finish on decorator fabrics. The fabrics will then have less body and lose some of its stain and sun protection. With proper care, most custom window coverings should last as long as good quality upholstered furnishings.

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Does BDL serve clients off the island of Trinidad?

Indeed we do. We have clients in Tobago, the wider Caribbean and have even done work for US-based clients. Your cost will include shipping, handling and transportation charges.

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