Arranging Bed Pillows – a primer

As the largest single piece of furniture in the bedroom, the bed is, more often than not, the main focal point. Let us look at how we can arrange bed pillows for optimal decorative impact.

Cover your pillows with decorative shams and plump them up. If you choose not to sham your sleeping pillows place them in layers underneath or behind others.

There are 3 basic ways for arranging pillows on your bed –

Stack them high. Lay the pillows flat and stack them vertically on top each other. I suggest that you place the larger pillows toward the bottom. Do not try to stack more than 3 pillows high.

This look is great for contemporary and modern bedrooms. I seem to see this arrangement very often in hotel rooms. This arrangement is also good for pillows with decorative edges such as frills or flanges.

Toss them on casually at the head of the bed. The pillows do not have to line up precisely in the same direction.

Do not be afraid to mix sizes and use loose casual pillow styles and fabric.

Then my personal favourite – Layer them and plump them up. For this style try creating a rough triangle with the pillows from the head of the bed into the bed.

For example, place Shammed Euro or King sized pillows against the headboard or wall. Use 3 or 4. pillows and stand the pillows on the knife edge. Then layer 2 or 3 pillows in front. Ensure that the size is shorter to the layer behind. These could be your sleeping pillows. Remember to turn the openings towards the centre of the bed. If you use your sleeping pillows, layer 2 shammed pillows in front of them. Finish off the look with 1 a boudoir or kidney pillow, a bolster, square pillow or round pillow.

Alternately, at layer 2, sham your sleeping pillows and then let’s say we use 2 squares, 1 round, and a bolster pillow. Prop the two square pillows in the center of the two Queen-sham covered pillows. Add the bolster pillow in front of the two throw pillows.

Depending on the colours, patterns or fabrics used, these 2 examples could present as being excessive. For a simpler more streamlined look limit your layers to 3 – Most and tallest pillows at the headboard, decreasing in numbers and size as you progress into the middle of the bed. That’s the key for the layered arrangement.

Do not be afraid to mix and match within your chosen colour scheme. Mix plain and patterns; Mix textures; Mix shapes … You can even use a hybrid arrangement, mixing the stacked, tossed and layered arrangements.

A boutique hotel in San Francisco took creative license and arranged the pillows on the narrow end in one layer across the top of the bed.
Dare to be different.

For inspiration look at bedding stores on the internet, catalogs and magazines. In my workroom I often turn to Eastern Accents for inspiration for pillows and bedding. They also have an array of different arrangement styles. Most of the photos in this blog entry are from collections from Eastern Accents. Check out one of my favourite blogs , Things that Inspire, and what they have to say about bed pillows and the Better Homes and Gardens on pillow arrangement.

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