Choosing Window Treatments

When choosing window treatments, home owners usually think of the decorative requirements before any other consideration. At Beyond Drapery Limited we encourage the home owner to consider other functional requirements beyond the aesthetics and the decorative. While window treatments are style statements, they must be reflective of your lifestyle and decorating style. A well-designed window treatment will transform a basic window into an impactful statement of beauty that is also functional; increasing the value of this decorative accessory to the homeowner. Here are a few of the other factors that should also be considered.

Privacy and Security

How close are your neighbours? Can individuals on the outside of your home see what you are doing or what part of the house you are at any given time? Do your windows face a busy street? What is the space used for? You may feel comfortable if you can be seen in your kitchen but not in your bedroom. Would someone be able to peer in and see your valuables? How safe do you feel when you are alone at night with the lights on?

If you are concerned about security and privacy, you will want your window treatments to cover your entire window. You should also consider lining so that your window coverings are not easy to see through. Draperies can also be used in conjunction with horizontal wood blinds or fabric shades for a private, but beautifully layered look.

For flexibility, we recommend treatments that can be moved away from the opening when desired. Options such as drapery on rings on poles, traversing drapery, grommet panels and roman shades are viable options that can be compatible with all decorating styles.

Light control
If your windows or French doors overlook a patio and/or a spectacular tropical view, a sunny room filled with natural light is perfect.

You may just want to soften the window by framing it with drapery and possibly a top treatment, leaving the opening bare. If covering the opening, sheer fabric allows the natural light to shine through while offering some measure of privacy. If the ‘light and airy feel’ is valued, consider lighter colours, light fabric and styles with simple lines.

In Trinidad and Tobago, arched windows, sunbursts, bay and bow windows, huge picture windows, two story windows and French doors are being used increasingly in new and renovated homes. These window styles offer excellent opportunities for natural light in the home. However, it has been our experience that while the homeowners like the architectural interest of these windows, they often seek ways to minimise the amount of sun entering the home.

The sun may not always be your friend. How are the UV rays affecting your furniture, your carpet, your artwork, upholstery and fabric? Are you blinded by the rising sun as you eat your breakfast? Is there a glare on your computer or television screen?

We highly recommend that you look for drapery panels or shades that are lined with a quality lining. Lining will also preserve your drapery, protecting the fabric from fading, moisture and sun rot. Again for flexibility, explore the option of drapery that can be moved away from the opening when desired.

Light control is often valued in bedrooms. Some form of blackout lining will make your room dark and cozy and insulate your windows from the heat outside.

Glass is a very poor insulator. Layers of fabric, lining and shadings help keep the tropical heat out. A window covered by at least 3 layers of window treatment is the most efficient insulator. Roman shades or horizontal blinds, sheers closest to the window in the first layer. Lined full coverage overdrapery as the second layer, with a board mounted top treatment as the 3rd layer.

You may also want to consider panels that have an added layer of interlining. Interlining is placed between your face fabric and lining, adding a luxury feel to your drapery and a good bit of insulation from heat. Your window treatment choices can significantly lower your air condition requirements.

Is noise an issue? Do you live on a busy street with lots of loud traffic? Instead of bouncing off glass or hard treatments such as blinds, noise can be better absorbed by some soft fabric.

Other Considerations
Do you have pets and small children? Then elaborate puddling drapery may not be the best choice for your space. You should be mindful of the strangling risk of cords in blinds and shades. In recognition of the risks associated with cords, Beyond Drapery Limited has adapted our fabrication methods to include the latest recommended technology, to assure the peace of mind of our customers when using roman and other styles of fabric shades.

Call us at Beyond Drapery Limited … for the best dressed rooms.

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