Open the Curtains and Let the Sunshine In

Do you feel oppressed and heavy every time you walk into a room in your house? Is it dark and musty, even when you open the windows? Get rid of those old drapes, the thick heavy blinds, and let some light and brightness return to your life! Make sure you have curtain ties to hold those heavy drapes back when you want to let in some light, and choose blinds don’t necessarily block out all the sun but still cut down on glare.

A good alternative to thick, heavy window treatments is sheer fabric that will still let sun stream into your house while absorbing some of the heat and keeping you from being blinded by too much light.

Sunshine can be the key to the success of a room, especially if you want to liven things up with a few plants placed throughout your space. If you’re worried about having to crank up your air conditioner from letting in too much heat, try using a container of water across from the window.

The sun is the most energy efficient resource we can use in our lives, it’s free for everyone. Let it work for you, instead of fighting against it!

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